The First in Thailand leader of WOB (Wireless Outsite Broadcast) Try and improve worked in 2015, Which is one of our pride



best equipment

We use the best equipment

Each camera is checked before use. To get the maximum performance We used the best camcorder such as Sony XDCAM PMW-200, Blackmagic URSA 4K TV, which has a world-class standard.


Post-Production Quickest

We attention to every detail in the process of video editing, We have editing rooms are ready for any situation, Workstation computer with professional monitor broadcast standard.


We are professional team

The team has experience in news production and television for a long time. Many people behind the national television station. We can be creative without limits.

Best price

Best price, Best value

MAS Thailand we think about budget of all customers. We have Low-cost Package it's easy to get experience and professional service. That appropriate for all customers.

coverage thailand

Our service coverage Thailand

We have teams coverage Thailand With operations in all circumstance, We use the CRM system to help in coordination with One Stop Call center help us to work quickly.


National Branch

MAS Thailand is the largest team. The area offers the most extensive We have office in Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing and Hong Kong managed by Thailand. We ready in English and Chinese language.


Special Promotion !

We offer promotions and deals such as special days and festivals, subscribe to our entire website and our Facebook Fanpage.


Customer Support 24/7

Because communication is very importance. With a database of questions - answers. And our operator get a reply as quickly as possible.


Shipped fast

Far distance is not a problem. We have partners that provide transport services. Documents, components and packages quickly as GrabBike, Kerry Express, DHL, EMS and CarGo parcel.

data centre

MAS Data Center

We have own data centers that store all the job minimum of 15 years on more than 256 TB (260,000 GB) You are assured Your job will be maintained well. And can access any time.


Stability of our company

Company registered of 4 million THB and earnings consistently good. We have enough cash flow to make sure that. We reserve can afford it Ensure that your event runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Secondary camera

The secondary camera

Every time a shot small or large job, we have the secondary camera all times. Because unexpected events can occur at any time. The secondary camera help us to work continuously.


Our staff are neatly

We have a policy to the team. Wearing the uniform of the Company to successfully and professionally. If you want to wear a suit on the matter to the authorities. You can report without any cost. Our staff no cigarette smell.


Confidentiality is importance

Confidentiality of customer is very important. The original file will certainly not be disclosed. Government Information, Expensive training and Research that is highly valued We will keep it well. Is the promise of our

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