About MAS

          The name of our company “MAS” activated in 2008, The original name is “Masuk Advance Solution” founded by Mr.Pitchayakarn Pitsaphol Masuk / Clinton. We provide computer programming, Web designing and computer maintanance for government agencies. The conduct of business is good, but with the economic crisis in such moment. We have to close our company in 2009. 

          In early 2010, MAS has start up again, Business for video productions. Starting from nothing into something. Mr.Clinton has skills and passion of photography already. So he learn from his experience. Rapid development and a knowledge of his own.

          In 2012, the occasion from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to manufacture a video in "THAILAND" to exhibit the International Conference in Germany, The task is to build a reputation on the global stage and gives us the challenge of opportunity to work hard.

          MAS starts the (TV Program) production began in late 2012. We have the opportunity to shoot TV Programs of Ms.Somaya El Khashab from the United Arab Emirates. After two years MAS has established online, TV station called the "Color Channel" and all the TV Programs and TV Shows are produced by MAS Team. 

          Panoramic vision of Board of Director of MAS. In 2015 we have expanded the company in Singapore. This is the beginning of our international branches. Next year we will expand to three additional countries, firstly Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

          Today's image of (MAS) we will be making international branches with a strong team of professionals, We will continue to adhere to the core of "Sufficiency" typical type of our His Majesty.